Coast with the Most


There’s more to the Gold Coast than theme parks and Surfers Paradise is central for an overload of culture and fun.

It’s as busy as a 1980s Ken Done beach towel out there. All we’ve had to do is take an al fresco table at Sandbar restaurant on the Surfers Paradise Esplanade, settle back and wait for the party to come to us: a steady wave of the quirky and the macho, the ocker andthe exotic.

Muscle cars and chopped hogs cruise by as a cheer goes up from a quiver of ageing surfers celebrating a birthday at the bar. Five Hindu men in brilliant kurtas of various hues – crimson, gold, emerald, sapphire, purple – get out of a car in front of the yellow lifeguard hut overlooking an ocean of sparkling blue. Two girls in the shortest of shorts rollerblade up and down. Then a coyote – or at least, a person dressed in a full-length coyote outfit – swaggers southward, swinging its gold chains, as a giant, motorised duck drives north.

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